Heavy Hitters Water Filled Punch Bag 16" Lava Red
Are you are looking for an ultimate all over workout? Then the Heavy Hitters 16" Water Punch Bags offer that in abundance. Be part of the latest water based boxing technology and get fit whilst improving your technique
Whether you are an amateur, professional, newbie or just want to keep fit, Heavy Hitters Water Punch Bags offers you a supreme quality product designed to last.
Our Heavy Hitters 16" diameter water filled punch bag (or aqua bag as they are often called) is made from superior marine grade vinyl and features a super strong rope hold to withstand even the toughest of opponents. 
By adding water to our Heavy Hitters Water Punching Bags
     It absorbs your punches which in turn means you can train for longer and harder.
     It reduces strain on the hands and joints allowing you to train more frequently without fear of pain.
     Easy fill valve technology makes it easy to install.
     UV resistant for indoor and outdoor use. No more taking the bag down when it rains!
     Train a variety of new shots not commonly feasible with standard bags
     Perfect for Gyms, pro trainers, home gyms and garages
Length/Height: 20" (500mm)
Diameter: 16" (400mm)
Chain Hole Diameter: 1" (25mm)
Product Weight: 2.10kg
Weight When Filled (kg):  24kg (3/4 Filled) - 32kg (fully filled)
Weight When Filled (lbs): 53lbs (3/4 Filled) - 71lbs (fully filled)
Please check your bracket or stand weight limit before installation. We recommend filling 3/4 full
Product is shipped deflated without water.

Heavy Hitters Water Filled Punch Bag - 16" - Red