Product description
FRESHER. SAFER. STRONGER. The Antibacterial Sports Equipment Odour Blast by Combact is a versatile spray for use in all sports kit and equipment. Whether it's boxing gloves, football boots or kit bags - this product works as hard as you do. The ingredients work together to ensure the efficient kill of odour causing bacteria. This leaves you with deep cleaned and deodorised kit. As well as this, The Odour Blast comes in an Airopack bottle which is the eco friendly alternative to aerosol. Expect a 360 degree dispensing action, 98% product evacuation and nothing but your product and clean air. Whatever your sport, have the power of combact by your side.
COMBAT BACTERIA: Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses.
FIGHT ODOUR: Use on sports kit & equipment to fight odours and leave a subtle, fresh scent.
PLANT EXTRACTS: Our formula is sourced from plant extracts and comes in a recyclable, air powered bottle. It's free from the nasty chemicals found in traditional aerosol and is totally leak proof.
Safety Warning
See back of bottle.
Legal Disclaimer
Use disinfectants safely, always read the label and product information before use. Works best with continued use. For gear that's extra stinky, allow a bit more time for the formulation to break down the odour causing bacteria.

Combact Antibacterial Sports Equipment Odour Blast - 150ml