OXING REFLEX BALL from Alliance Athletic. Get the ultimate boxing ball workout! Our reflex ball is the only reflex training tool you'll need to develop pro-boxer like reflexes and skills. FUN TO LEARN: Challenge your friends to do the longest punch combinations in a row. Because our reflex ball is so easy to adjust you can quickly swap between users. LEVEL UP: You can adjust the elastic length to suit your training no matter what you're level. Start with a longer setting for a slower, easier pace. A shorter setting will give you a faster, harder workout. TRAIN ANYWHERE: Our Boxing reflex ball is so compact it's easy to take with you and use as part of any workout: at the gym, after a run or even in the office. PEACE OF MIND: We provide safety specs to keep you protected while you pick up your Reflex Ball skills!

Comes Complete with 3 different Levels of Speed Balls,

Boxing Reflex Speed Ball ( 3 Balls )